The Luxury opens New England Music Awards FUNDRAISING COMPLETE!

Thanks to all of you who contributed to our promo campaign! Our goal was lofty, but we hit the mark that we needed to hit in order to promote Bones & Beaten Heart when it's ready. Naturally, we'll keep everyone updated as the progress er... progresses! <3 <3 <3


We've set up a pretty keen fundraising campaign at to make national and international promotion of the forthcoming album a possibility - it's up to you how far this music can reach. Please check out the rewards and our little story at our page:

WINTER IS UPON US - The Luxury finally recording third album

The cold months in Boston are a perfect time to lock and load for a new release, and it's been nearly 5 years since our last full-length offering. We're sorry. A lot of things happened. On the bright side, the record is going to be a doozy. Follow us on facebook and twitter, as we're occasionally dropping little gems of random musicality that bubble up while we're either literally warming up in the studio or just tossing ideas back and forth. More soon!

December! Help us save CUTE FURRY ANIMALS (and birds and lizards) - support Boston Does Boston!

Hey folks! We like you. Little did you know, Jason's an absolute freak about animals, and all year he's been working on a top-secret and top-awesome project that comes out NEXT WEEK - Boston does Boston, volumes 1&2. 

26 Boston area bands cover each other's songs in their own style for a double CD, then 16 of them team up for THREE LIVE SHOWS Dec 13th through 15th, to release this CD unto the world just in time for the holidays! And all of the profits go to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Check it out!


September! The Luxury's Thursday Haverhill Residency and more...

Hi! This month we're playing every Thursday at the Chit Chat Lounge in Haverhill, MA. They had Thursdays open, we thought "this seems like more fun than the rehearsal space" and so here we are. It's 21+, FREE, and we play each Thursday at about 9:30pm. Come join us!

We'll also be at TT The Bear's Place, where we played our first show all those centuries ago, on September 9th with some truly great bands to help celebrate the club's 40th anniversary week. $10, 18+. Do it.

Other things may happen as well, very busy...

The Luxury at stART On the Street 2013- June 2nd, 2013
This proud tradition in Worcester, MA is always a great time - and this year we get our chance to ruin that! Just kidding. Great, free, outdoor, family-friendly fun. Art and food everywhere. Come see it! We're on at 2pm.

The Luxury opens New England Music Awards
Saturday, April 13th, our new lineup will be making its glorious debut kicking off the festivities at the New England Music Awards at the Lowell Auditorium, Lowell MA.

All Luxury systems online... new lineup activated.
Jason Dunn Vocals, Guitar
John "Duey" Ducharme Guitar
Steven Borek Keyboard
Matt Diekmann Bass
Mark McGettrick Drums